Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Ok, I could come up with a laundry list of excuses for not writing a blog over the past few months. Instead, I will opt for honesty and tell you that the lack of blogging (on my part) resulted from laziness. With that being said, I am quite excited to be writing again. The topic of this blog has been percolating for a good while, and anyone who knows me very well will have heard my comments about it prior to this post.

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you are aware of the recent tragedy in Chattanooga, Tennessee where a Muhammad Abdulazeez opened fire on two military installations. Four Marines were killed in the attack; a Navy sailor died from his injuries. A Marine recruiter and a police officer were also injured in the attacks. There are many people in the media and many Americans in general who want to politicize the attacks, but I am not here to do that.

noogaInstead, I would like to discuss something that runs deeper than gun laws, terrorism, and politics in general- the unity of the American people. I am so sick of watching the news as many media outlets seem intent on driving a wedge between a person and his or her fellow countrymen. Our country cannot be a “shining city upon a hill” until we can compromise as a nation, stop vilifying opposition, and instead examine merits and shortfalls of ideas regardless of party lines.

I was fortunate enough to have the honor of being present as the funeral procession of Marine Lance Cpl. Skip Wells carried the fallen warrior to his final resting place at the Georgia National Cemetery.

It is difficult to see on the video from my iPhone, but let me just tell you what a humbling event it was to be gathered together with my fellow Americans to pay tribute to one of our fallen heroes. Nobody cared that I identify as a Republican. Nobody mentioned that they were a Democrat, a Libertarian, or an Independent. NOBODY CARED. We were there. As Americans. Simple as that. Here’s looking at you, Washington; be an American. Not a Republican, a Democrat, a hypocrite.

Our citizens shouldn’t have to rely on national tragedies to bring us together. We, as Americans, should stand united, should help our neighbors, should be kind and courteous to people of differing opinions and lifestyles. We should perpetually honor what our servicemen and servicewomen represent and defend. We should emulate their unity and steadfast dedication to each other. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.



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