Sweet Summertime

Hello again! AT LAST, we are getting back up on the blog. We have had SO much going on around here. Ben was working an extra job over the summer, and this last semester of graduate school about killed me. But praises be to our sweet Jesus, we are finally slowing down just a tad… Maybe.

Either way, we are sorry it has been so long since we posted! Several of our friends and family have asked about where the blog went, but honestly it was just something that we never got to do lately. BUT we are back up and running and will hopefully be posting more regularly now! Thank you to all of those who have asked about the blog and have said kind words towards it- encouragement is always appreciated! 🙂

So, just to update everyone: after completing a crazy summer semester of Neuroscience, Kinesiology, two clinical conditions classes, and two labs, I am proud to say I am going into my third semester of OT school (which also comes along with a pediatrics fieldwork- which I am thrilled about!). Ben has not started back up with school yet; his county doesn’t start until after Labor Day. We have gotten to see each other a little bit more during these last three weeks (my short summer break from school), but with work and A/C units breaking, it has still been a little hectic.

However, we did get a chance to go to a Braves game recently with my best friend and her husband. After the game (Braves lost, unfortunately), my favorite band, Third Day, played. Now, if you are not aware of who Third Day is, they are a contemporary Christian band that plays Christian rock. THEY rock. We planned to go on this day just so we could hear them and see them play – and even better at Turner Field! There will be some videos to follow, and they are kind of loud, so don’t have your speakers blaring when you watch them! 🙂

One of my favorite things is sharing in worship with other people, specifically with music. I have grown up playing the piano and being in choir my whole life, so to say I love music is probably an understatement. But what is even better, is when you’re outside a church or place of worship and can see people praising Jesus. Just like… for instance… in a baseball stadium.

It truly blessed me to see people at this game lifting their hands to praise the Lord. What a sweet, sweet joy it was to share in worship with all of these people!

So, be thankful. Be thankful that we can worship. Be thankful for who we worship. Be thankful for the opportunities to praise.

And that’s all for today folks. Thank you again to all of those who keep up with our crazy adventures. We love you all and look forward to continuing the adventure of blogging once again!

I will leave you with this… We are HIS!



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