Distance makes the heart grow fonder…

Hey guys! So, we have totally slacked in posting. Here’s an update that should tell you why it’s been a while since we have posted!

Ben finished his Master’s degree on Saturday by presenting a big project.

I finished my first semester of my Master’s degree, only by the sweet love of Jesus.

We are constantly working and running errands.

We are TIRED.

BUT, we both have this week off of school (well, Ben is done, my next semester starts Monday). So, after a harrowing finals week/weekend for both of us, its been nice to come home and not have to study for hours after a long day at work.

Speaking of finals, I feel like you should hear part of my finals weekend story. Finals are a time of exhaustion like no other, anxiety, and cramming. Not to mention, not having the right pants for your presentation.

So, it was Saturday morning at 7:25 am (I had finals on Friday night as well, for the record). I was on my way to class, which is about an hours drive from where I stay on weekends I have class. I am approximately 5 minutes away from my campus, and it hits me. I DID NOT BRING MY DRESS PANTS FOR MY PRESENTATION. I panicked. The best part about all of this? I called my mom to tell her my anxiety of how I left my pants hanging on the bathroom door at her house; however, it went something like this:

*Phone ringing*

Mom: Hello?


Mom:……. umm… What?!

Me: I mean, I have pants on mom… but I left my change of clothes for my presentation at your house!

The fact that my mom questioned whether I remembered my pants or not should tell you about my finals week experience. Long story short, I was able to run to Target after my first test that morning and grab a pair of dress pants. So thank you, Target, for being awesome.

Several things went awry this weekend, and I was living off of no sleep;  YET I MADE IT. Praise Jesus.

So, after my experiences of forgetting my pants amongst other things (which all about made me have a panic attack), I got to come home to my husband on Sunday.

Next I am going to tell you about why he is the best thing ever.

I also walked in to a huge bouquet of pink and orange roses. A warm hug. And an “I missed you so much, and am so proud of you!” Distance can always make the heart grow fonder. You realize how badly you need your support system in your every day life.


Seriously guys. He’s the best ever. There have been times this semester when all I have done is think “Am I ever going to make it to the end of school? Will I EVER be an OT?” But each step of the way, Ben has always encouraged me to pursue what the Lord has called me to (even if my books this next semester are more than our rent and utilities are combined…). He is a constant leg of support. And I couldn’t be more thankful for that (and my beautiful roses).

SO, here’s to the end of a semester for me, and a Master’s degree for Ben. In the words of Elle from Legally Blonde… “WE DID IT!”

Now, let’s go watch a movie.



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