Bad Breath, Toots, and Snuggling: A Newlywed’s Guide to Sharing a Bed

Okay, so before we kick off this interesting post, we wanted to note that we usually will try to post every other day. However, lives get busy, and we have not been able to post for a few days. To make up for this, we thought we would add a little humor to the newest post. 🙂

There are many “things” about marriage. Sweet things. Cute things. Lovey-dovey things. And then there are WEIRD things. Things that you don’t picture in  your Cinderella-dream-come-true marriage. Not necessarily bad things, just not typically “cute” or “sweet”.

Things like… sleeping butt to butt. That’s right, not cuddled up. Turned opposite ways with butts touching. It’s like the gobs of Nicholas Sparks material give people a preconceived notion of what sharing a bed with someone is supposed to look like. You know, facing each other, nose to nose, falling asleep in each others’ arms junk.

In reality, there are several things wrong with this picture. First of all, people get bad breath. Then someone farts in their sleep. Snoring or talking in your sleep is a common occurrence. The other person’s alarm goes off A MILLION times before they turn the thing off and get out of bed. Covers are stolen and someone freezes all night. Drool marks are left on pillows. So, don’t be fooled; sharing a bed isn’t always a “Notebook experience.” Sometimes, you just gotta sleep butt to butt.

However, there is nothing like the feeling of knowing you have your best friend right there with you. Especially when that person tells you what you were talking about in  your sleep the night before (For Ben, this is basketball games. For Lindsey, it ends up being something like being on Family Feud or buying a new house. Priorities, folks.), or how you accidentally tooted in your sleep and they ran out of bed faster than a bird going after a french fry. In all seriousness, there is nothing quite the same as learning how to share a bed with someone.  Although interesting (and a times, amusing), we wouldn’t trade being by each others’ side for anything. Not even for one toot-less night.

-Ben and Lindsey


2 thoughts on “Bad Breath, Toots, and Snuggling: A Newlywed’s Guide to Sharing a Bed

  1. There are so many wonderful things you have left to experience. I love reading all about your marriage antics. I don’t think I have ever met two people who were more meant for each other. If you can continue to love someone who toots on you… got it made. Just wondering if he has tried to rub your feet yet!

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