This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly challenge about Rewards

Browsing through the contestants of this week’s photo challenge, I saw a lot of interpretations of the word reward. Many of the interpretations discussed things with a high monetary value; there were a lot of posts that involved food, and even some that involved sleep. All of these things are awesome, especially that part about sleeping. As a middle school teacher and coach, I know where those people are coming from! However, as I began to think about rewards that I have personally received, money, food, and sleep were not the things that came to mind.

My degree from North Georgia College and State University

My college degree is my reward for hard work and dedication.

The door to the home that I am able to provide for my wife

My home is my reward for my effort at work and the diligence of budgeting. The fact that I can provide a safe place for my wife and myself is its own reward.

lindsey and ben (279)
My beautiful wife

Last, but certainly not least, my wonderful wife is my reward for patience and prayer.

People often fail to see their rewards in everyday life. Take a moment and reflect. Rewards are easy to see if you will only look.


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