Leaving a Legacy

This past weekend, we celebrated my grandfather’s (aka Pops) 80th birthday. My dad had everyone over to his house (about 50 people), and some of those who couldn’t make it sent in videos to my aunt wishing Pops well. She put those videos together and made a slideshow of pictures of my Pops and some of the most memorable moments in his life.

Pops was the main pharmacist in a small town in Murray County, GA. He owned his own pharmacy and catered to everyone he came across. It didn’t matter what time of day someone needed him, if they had financial issues, or even if he needed to drive a prescription out to a patient’s home; whatever the need, he filled it. I love hearing these stories, because it shows how much he truly loves people. He did anything that his customers needed, and they were always so thankful and fond of him. Not to mention, his wife (my sweet Nana) was always by his side helping him. She has the same love of people, and they both just strive to make the world a better place. Always have, always will. They are such sweet blessings in my life.

My sweet grandparents years ago! Look at the love in their eyes! They still love each other that much, and more. So sweet.

In the videos that were sent in for his birthday party, there were people that he had not spoken to in decades wishing him happy birthday and blessings. They would still talk about the pharmacy, and how he and my Nana sacrificed so much for the community. How amazing is that? People that could have easily forgotten over decades never did- they always remembered my grandparents’ legacy.

What a wonderful example of how to be thought of. Kindness. Love. Willingness to serve. Always a shoulder to lean on. Willing to go the extra mile. Always wanting to bring the best out in people. Having a helping heart. Loving the Lord, and loving on people. Sharing the blessings that life has given us. This is a legacy to remember.

Displaying IMG_0874.jpg
Me, Pops, Nana, and Ben

I am so thankful for the example that my sweet grandparents have set. I have always admired them for their hard work and dedication. I hope that someday, when I have my own clients as an OT, to show the same type of loyalty that Pops showed to his customers. Not only that, but I hope that I show my friends and family that same character each day.

So think about this: what will your legacy be? Do you like how it is looking right now? If not, change it! Love others. Be kind. And enjoy life to the fullest! 🙂



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