Southern Snow Daze

Hey, everybody. It’s Ben, and I will just go ahead and tell you that I have no idea how to start a blog post. In fact, one of the concerns that I voiced to Lindsey when she suggested starting a blog was, “Nobody cares about what I have to say.” Now, that may be true, but I am going to write anyways just to spite everyone…just kidding!

So, the only day I worked last week was on Monday. That night it began snowing, and we got around 5-6 inches of pure, fluffy, white goodness by Thursday. Goodbye to the rest of my work week. I got some extra days with my lady, so that was a ton of fun.

Don’t make fun of Charlie.

Anyways, I digress. Since I was at home four extra days, I let my mind wander back to snow days I had when I was much younger. When I was growing up, my family always tried to keep the snow untouched in the front yard. What I mean by that is we didn’t want any footprints in the front yard. It was supposed to stay postcard pristine. We just thought it was too pretty of a picture to mess up. However, that sentiment lasted only two days or so as my sister and I grew more restless with the amount of snow lessening in the backyard.

photo 1
Snow falling, no footprints.

One of the thoughts I had while on my extended winter break was that there was no way I was going to get a picture of the snow that was postcard worthy, especially with all the little kids that run around here all the time. So as fate would have it, when my wife and I went out to look at the snow, there were footprints everywhere. Later in the week, I saw several snowmen that were built and even more kids playing out in the snow.

Footprints in the snow.
Footprints in the snow.

Thinking back to all those footprints, my reaction was, “So what?” Those footprints that were messing up my beautiful Thomas Kinkade picturesque scenery were more beautiful than anything that I can think of. Those footprints belonged to kids with limitless potential. One of those footprints could have belonged to the doctor who will find a cure for cancer or a future president of the United States. In short, my “Hey, you kids! Get off my lawn!” attitude is pretty much invalid when considering the amount of joy those kids undoubtedly experienced playing in the snow. In short, Old Man Massengale had a great time playing in the snow too- and in the front yard, even!



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